Smoke Bamboo Shoots from Red Cradle of China

Smoke bamboo shoots is known as “Bamboo sea cucumber”. “Delicious” is one of the reasons why people like bamboo shoots. “Healthy” is another.  There is a third important reason why people like to eat bamboo shoots, and that is nutrition,full of dietary fibers.

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There is two treasures of Hunan: red history, good forest!  Hunan is known as the cradle of Chinese revolution. It is also a world famous natural oxygen bar, a green treasure house and a sea of green bamboosA variety of delicious bamboo shoots abound in this area, and the "smoke bamboo shoots" is the most representative one, known as "bamboo sea cucumber" . In the bamboo forest, the fresh and crisp bamboo shoots are collected together. After peeling off the layers of shells, they are boiled with clear and moist spring water, and their aroma is immediately overflows. Then they are roasted with charcoal and smoked into black and brown dried bamboo shoots, which is called "smoke shoots". This is not only for easy storage and transportation, but also because the dried bamboo shoots produced by these processes have a unique and memorable flavor. With braised meat, the meat tastes sweet, and the bamboo shoots taste ongoing. There are also many ways to eat: boiled smoke bamboo shoots, smoke bamboo shoots stewed pork, smoke bamboo shoots fried bacon, and so on. No one will stop eating after taste it.

"Delicious" is one of the reasons why people like bamboo shoots. "healthy" is another. The long fiber rich in bamboo shoots has an excellent "cleaning" function on the inner wall of human intestines and stomach, and is an excellent "scavenger" of digestive tract. Long-term consumption of smoke bamboo shoots has an obvious effect on reducing the incidence of gastrointestinal cancer. There is a third important reason why people like to eat bamboo shoots, and that is nutrition. Smoke bamboo shoots are rich in plant protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients and microelements, and also high content of cellulose. Therefore, according to traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo shoots have the effect of "promoting the nine orifice, passing blood, relieving phlegm and salivating, relieving food and distension". Smoke bamboo shoots have the effect of fat adsorption, food fermentation promotion, and also helpful to body digestion and excretion, so regular eating smoke bamboo shoots is beneficial to simple obesity. 

Xiang Yu Guo braised smoke bamboo shoots, under the traditional formula combined with modern high-tech technology, selected high-quality smoke bamboo shoots as raw materials, through advanced processing technology, the product of the braised smoke bamboo shoots tastes tender crisp, fragrant, and can make a variety of delicious dishes. Xiang Yu Guo braised smoke bamboo shoots are deeply loved by many consumers. They have been sold to 17 provinces in China and 12 countries overseas. The sales continue to grow and maintain the domestic leading level. It is your worthy food choice.


Uses: braised beef with smoke bamboo shoots, braised duck with smoke bamboo shoots, braised sausage with smoke bamboo shoots, braised bacon with smoke bamboo shoots, stir-fried pork with smoke bamboo shoots, stir-fried bamboo shoots etc.


Now let's introduce a famous Hunan dish, Smoke bamboo shoots fried with bacon
Ingredients: smoke bamboo shoots, bacon, chili, garlic

1.cut bacon into slices, chili and garlic into segments;
2.pour oil into the wok and heat up, add bacon to stir-fry
3.add chili and garlic, fully cooked
4.add smoke bamboo shoots fry until cooked;
5.add light soy sauce and other seasoning, serve it.

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