Xiang Yu Guo Food—Benchmark Enterprise of Pre-made Dishes Industry

In the prepared dishes production factory of Xiang Yu Guo Food Company, Xiangtan specialty dishes are made, packed, transported and distributed to more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and 13 countries abroad. ”This year is about the same as last year, with 60,000 packs produced every day and an output value of nearly 70 million yuan.” Lu Heru, general manager of Xiang Yu Guo Food, said that the company’s primary, secondary and tertiary industries have integrated development. Three categories of 20 varieties of pre-made dishes account for 80% of the company’s main business.

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“With the change of people’s consumption habits, the scale of domestic pre-made dishes markets has grown rapidly against the background of the normalization of the epidemic. Taking advantage of the trend of making excellent Hunan Dishes, the Hunan pre-made dishes industry is facing a new trend.”

“Building a pattern of integrated urban and rural development and promoting rural revitalization comprehensively” is one of the topics discussed by the two parliamentary standing committees of the Municipal CPPCC this year. Members of the Chi Gong Party conducted extensive research under the theme of Strengthening policy guidance and expanding the scale of the pre-made dishes industry.

“What is Pre-made Dishes?” According to the definition of the China Cuisine Association, pre-made dishes are finished or semi-finished dishes made with one or more kinds of agricultural products as the main raw materials, pre-processed (such as cutting, stirring, curing, rolling, shaping, seasoning, etc.) or pre-cooked (such as frying, deep-frying, roasting, boiling, steaming, etc.) and pre-packed through standardized line operation.

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“In the context of the normalization of the epidemic, pre-made dishes are facing a new trend.” According to financial experts predict that in the next 3 to 5 years, the scale of domestic pre-made dishes market will reach one trillion yuan, and the industrial development will enter the high-speed track.

In Xiangtan, the pre-made dishes industry has quietly taken off.

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“In 2010, the company developed pre-made Hunan cuisine, and in 2012, it built a factory in Xiangtan city. At present, it has more than 20 varieties including Xiangxi Grandma Dishes, pickled vegetables and vegetable pre-made dishes, and products are sold to the whole country.” Lu Heru, the general manager, said that, grandma dishes production has risen from the initial production of 1000 packages  per day to the present of 60,000 packages per day.  Xiang Yu Guo Grandma Dishes output is increasing year by year, and the sales of Grandma Dishes ranks among the top in China.

At present, many enterprises in Xiangtan are trying to develop the pre-made food market of Hunan cuisine, Maoxi Braised Meat, Maoist Pork Braised, Xiangxiang Egg Roll, Grandma Dishes and other Xiangtan specialty dishes has already gained a good reputation in the market.

“Prepare a table of delicious Xiangtan Dishes” is a great benefit to promote Hunan cuisine pre-made dishes.  

In response to the call of “Holding Chinese grain firmly, Preparing excellent and fragrant Hunan Cuisine”, Xiangtan launched a series of activities of “Food City Xiangtan” — Preparing excellent and fragrant “Xiangtan Dishes”, promoting a batch of “Tan Brand” agricultural products to be settled in online platforms such as “Lotus City Call”, through the development of dishes, special tasting, production and marketing connection, etc. To bring friends from all over the world to the new experience of “smell the fragrance of Xiangtan”.

Xiangtan has the Dragon Brand soy sauce and other well-known “Chinese time-honored brand”, as well as Xiangtan Lotus Seed, Shaziling Pork, Hutianshi Sheep, Majiahe black goat, Xiangtan Short Cabbage, Jiuhua Red Brassica campestris and other famous geographical indication brands of agricultural products in the whole province and even the whole country. Promoting Xiangtan Pre-made dishes industry stronger and bigger, can follow the trend to develop “traditional culture” into a “hot industry”.

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The contradiction between the beautiful prospect and the real “sense of bone” is the difficulty that the pre-made dishes industry of Hunan cuisine must overcome to develop and grow.

“Although production is growing year by year, profit margins are shrinking because raw materials and labor costs are rising.” Xiang Yu Guo buys 1000 tons of vegetables from Yunnan planting base every month. Although Xiangtan is also a big agricultural city, the quantity, price and quality of centralized supply are not cost-effective as Yunnan province.

“If the whole city work together to form the scale and industrialization effect of planting and breeding, sales and processing, it can not only reduce costs and improve benefits, but also drive the upstream and downstream industry chain.”

“Prepare a table of delicious Xiangtan Dishes , Brings consumers all over the country to ‘Fragrant Xiangtan, pre-made dishes is a good solution, but the premise is to solve the transportation of dishes, food safety, industrial standards and other issues.” According to Wang Yufeng, however, the pre-made dishes industry in Xiangtan is still at a stage of development with a low starting point, small scale and disordered dispersion. There are problems such as no industrial development plan, imperfect industrial standards, imperfect supporting facilities and poor brand promotion.

To create local characteristic agricultural products and support local rural revitalization, Xiang Yu Guo Company tried to make 50,000 packs Jiuhua red brassica campestris, and the product was sold out before it was released. According to the introduction, the company based on the brand influence, its own agricultural high-tech processing technology, Hunan Agricultural University doctoral student research and development team, the whole process of quality control intervention from sourcing, warehousing, production, factory, and 2022 Jiuhua red brassica campestris benefit from the initial trial, Xian Yu Guo is ready to launch 8 dishes of the New Year gift package this year. 

“Hunan Cuisine go outside, product quality, production control, customer reputation and brand effect determine how far a pre-made dishes can go.”

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How to build the pre-made dishes industry highland? The government fully supports qualified pre-made dishes industry projects to apply for government special funds, and guides small and medium-sized pre-made dishes enterprises to become “specialized and innovative” enterprises. Focus on the geographical indication agricultural products, Mengkuang braised pork and other local characteristics of the food, cultivate pre-made dishes leading enterprises. Developing cultural and creative products related to pre-made dishes, industrial and cultural tourism routes, and forming the whole industrial chain of “modern agriculture + food culture + leisure tourism”.

Post time: Jan-04-2023