Mayor Hu Hebo and his delegation visited Xiangtan Cross-border Comprehensive Bonded Zone Service Center Xiang Yu Guo for investigation and guidance

On August 12th, Hu Hebo, Deputy Secretary of Xiangtan Municipal Committee and Mayor of Xiangtan, visited Xiangtan Cross-border Bonded Zone Service Center Xiang Yu Guo for investigation and guidance, delegation members include Zhou Yanxi, Deputy Mayor of Xiangtan, Jiang Wenlong, Secretary-General of Xiangtan Municipal Government, Tang Yu, Director of Municipal Commerce Bureau, and Xiao Junping, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

Mayor He Bo was full of confidence in the overseas market development of cross-border e-commerce after hearing the report from the General manager of the company Xiang Yu Guo, and encouraged enterprises to explore and develop new forms of business relying on the platform of comprehensive bonded zone to continuously enhance their core competitiveness. 

Mayor He Bo hopes that enterprises play an important leading role in developing the export-oriented economy and seize opportunities and meet difficulties head on, expand sales channels, open up new tracks, let products sail out to sea and go abroad through cross-border e-commerce platform. 58afb0669b8c2153148d438171aacef

Post time: Aug-16-2022