Liu Zhiren and his delegation went to Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone for investigation and visited Xiang Yu Guo Food

On December 17, Liu Zhiren, Party secretary of Xiangtan, went to the Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone for investigation and attended the 2022 member congress of the Municipal Youth Chamber of Commerce and Youth Entrepreneurship Association. He stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the Party’s 20 National Principles, and promote higher-quality development with a higher level of opening-up. City leaders Liu Xinhua, Zhou Yanxi attended.


Liu Zhiren and his delegation came to the Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone complex to look at the exhibition boards, listen to the introduction and learn about the project construction. Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the main front of China (Xiangtan) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone construction. Since the beginning of this year, a total of 16 projects have been introduced in the comprehensive protection Zone, including 1 “World Top 500″ project, 7 projects with more than 100 million yuan and 2 projects with foreign investment. Liu Zhiren pointed out that we should base on the advantages of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan regional development, speed up the development of an open economy, give full play to the role of an open platform, expand cross-border trade in services, constantly improve the externality of the economy, and encourage more Xiangtan products, enterprises and investments to “go to sea together”. We should explore new models of foreign trade development, extend the upstream and downstream industrial chains, effectively promote the development of supporting industries in regions, and effectively increase local tax revenue.

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Hunan Xiang Yu Guo Food Co., LTD., located in Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, is a large food production with foreign trade enterprises in Hunan Province. Looking at the products and asking the market, Lu Yuansheng, chairman of Hunan Hugo Food, introduced the production and operation of the enterprise, foreign trade and so on to Secretary Liu Zhiren in detail. Hearing that the company completed a good export from May to November this year, Liu Zhiren is very pleased. Liu Zhiren encouraged enterprises to focus on the main business, do fine professional, adhere to independent innovation, create core advantages, bigger and stronger brands, take advantage of the double cycle development pattern, actively expand domestic and foreign markets, and walk the road of high-quality development of enterprises.


Post time: Dec-29-2022