Leading China · Xiangtan — Inland City Leap to New Heights of Reform and Opening up

To build an open, inclusive and win-win world economy is the general trend of human development. Facing the challenge of "anti-globalization", Xiangtan, located in the inland, has opened up new logistics channels by building new opening platforms to help more and more industrial enterprises' products going abroad and opening up overseas markets.

On March 28, 2022, 160 Geely cars exported to Malaysia had been shipped from Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone. They went through Zhuzhou along the railway to Huangpu Port in Guangzhou, and then arrived at Port Klang in Malaysia by sea. Through this XiangYueFei railway and sea transport channel, one bill of lading to the end can be realized. The railway and sea transport + overseas door to door delivery of the last kilometer can truly be done. It not only saves time, but also greatly reduces the cost.

In people’s impression, Xiangtan’s location is not good which does not border the sea. However, for a long time in the Qing Dynasty, due to located by Xiangjiang River, Xiangtan became the "great inland port" to connect China’s only one treaty port- Guangzhou, and the port radiating south China.

When history opens a new page, the ancient Hunan and Guangdong passage has a new connotation of The Times.

In 2013, during the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection tour in Hunan, the strategic positioning of Hunan as "the transitional zone between the eastern coastal areas and the central and western regions, the junction of the Yangtze River Open Economic Belt and the coastal open economic belt" was proposed for the first time, which pointed out the direction of Hunan and Xiangtan in the national and even world economic map.

Xiangtan need a fulcrum to move to integrate into the national market, and then embrace the world. In September 2013, Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone was approved by The State Council, and this 3.12-square-kilometer "enclave" began to carry the city's new dream of opening up to the outside world. As one of the five comprehensive bonded zones in Hunan Province, Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which was officially put into operation in 2015, enables import and export products to realize the seamless connection of the whole process from warehouse entry, inspection, customs clearance and logistics, which greatly facilitates enterprises.

Xiangtan Electrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's largest electrolytic manganese dioxide production base, accounting for more than 20% of global production capacity. However, in the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company had fewer opportunities for external sales. With the mentality of giving it a try, the company began to try cross-border e-commerce. Through Alibaba International Station, the world's largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform, the company's flagship product -- electrolytic manganese dioxide, a cathode material, clinked the first order in September 2020. From January to August this year, the company's cross-border export sales were $5,889,800. The customers are all over the United States, Indonesia and other places. Cross-border e-commerce has become an important breakthrough for the company to create and chili sauce are typical Hunan flavors. These local products produced by Hunan Xiang Yu Guo Food Co., Ltd. have also gone abroad through cross-border e-commerce and appeared on many overseas tables. The company has also become an e-commerce expert from the green hand foreign trade.

In April 2020, Xiangtan was successfully approved as a national cross-border E-commerce comprehensive pilot zone. In order to better help transform the traditional enterprise, Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone as the main xiangtan cross-border electricity heald try construction main land, actively explore inland city cross-border electricity "enclave" mode, establishment of Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone cross-border electricity comprehensive service center, introduced professional operation team to provide operation, personnel training, customs clearance, etc. "one-stop" services, at present. The center has incubated and registered 37 new cross-border e-commerce enterprises, introduced 15 service enterprises such as operation incubation, and cultivated 126 cross-border e-commerce enterprises such as local Electrochemical technology and Sepiolite.

The momentum of fist export products is strong, and new products have joined the net to go abroad. Over the past decade, Xiangtan's import and export scale has ascended, successively breaking the mark of 10 billion yuan (2012), 20 billion yuan (2018) and 30 billion yuan (2021), with an average growth rate of 19% from 2017 to 2021. In the past ten years, Xiangtan has been selected as "China's Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities" by the General Administration of Customs for six times.

Compared with hard environments such as transportation and location, the business environment is an invisible soft environment that plays an invisible role in the economic development of a place. Maojiongming, the Chairman of Jinlong Copper, has been running a factory in another city. In 2020, he finally decided to build a new factory in his hometown after repeated calls from his hometown.

In 2022, Xiangtan makes the business environment as the "No. 1 project". Through the cadre of thousands of enterprises to solve the problem, the service consciousness has been raised as the key to the city's cadre style. On August 29 this year, Xiangtan city was awarded the "Hunan Province to build inland reform and opening highland advanced units".

From the "little Nanjing" in history to the new Xiangtan today, Xiangtan has found a kind of free spirit and pride in a higher level in the cycle of time. Facing the trend of anti-globalization and fighting with wind and waves of international market, Xiangtan industrial enterprises through the opening of new platforms, new channels of international logistics and new models of cross-border e-commerce, will win a wider space for development!

Post time: Oct-14-2022