Industry-university-research Strategy With Hunan Agricultural University

Hunan Xiang Yu Guo Food Co., Ltd. established in January 2012, xiangtan city, hometown of red culture. Started with hunan cuisine, it is a collection of agricultural food procurement, production, research and development, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises, companies rely on Hunan Agricultural University college of food science and technology production, study and research cooperation mechanism for the company, focused on vegetables products depth development and driving innovation. Certified the National High-Tech Enterprise, the company has obtained 1 national invention patent, 11 utility model patents, 3 appearance patents and 6 soft copyright patents. With support from the municipal technology bureau, we hired Hunan Agricultural University and Hunan provincial science and technology correspondent Dr. Li-wen Jiang as Xiang Yu Guo technical guidance, our core products Xiangxi Grandma Dishescombine traditional technology and new improvement, has broke through the bottleneck of cold storage requisite during long-distance transportation of grandma dishes. And we are the first manufacturer in Hunan to realize the production technology of normal temperature storage of grandma dishes.

 Hunan Xiang Yu Guo Food Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business philosophy is "Work With Conscience, Conscience Products, Conscience Brand" to guide the trend of table consumption, to create a healthy, fast, convenient table farm dishes. 

On 8th May 2022, led by Dr Jiang Li-wen of Food science and technology institute of Hunan Agricultural University, a group of graduate students from Hunan Agricultural University came to Hunan Xiang Yu Guo Food Co., Ltd. to discuss the development of new products. Each item of our company's product is released only after hundreds and thousands of experiments carried out by their team. Hunan Xiang Yu Guo Food Co., Ltd. let agriculture plug in the wings of science and technology, and hence make them leader of modern agriculture.

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Post time: Jun-30-2022