Hunan Stock Exchange ” Performance Growth ” Special Private Board Meeting Xiangtan County Session Held Successfully 

In order to better help the county key back-up companies to be listed, solving pain points and difficult problems in performance growth, facilitating the listing progress, on the morning of February 17, Hunan Xiangtan county people's government jointly hold "Performance Growth" special private board meeting with Hunan Stock Exchange. Luo Xiao, Xiangtan county Standing Committee, Minister of Organization, and Zhang Yan, Director of Xiangtan Financial Office, attended the meeting.  Beijing Qizheng consulting company partner, Hunan Stock Exchange enterprise growth chief consultant Xiao Qi was invited to attend the meeting. Yi Weihong, chairman of Hunan Stock Exchange, presided over the meeting. Leaders from 6 enterprises attended the meeting, they are Feishanqi Technology, Xingnuo Pigment, Aopai Automation, Special Cables, Lianxiang Land, Hunan Xiang Yu Guo Food company.

In the meeting, six companies carried on brief introduction of main business of the company, core product advantages, difficulties in growth, and so on. Expert XiaoQi analyzed problems of widespread serious product homogeneity, intense price competition, weak performance growth, cash flow shortage, new product promotion difficulty among enterprises, and gave them reasonable suggestions based on their actual situation. Chairman Yi Weihong answered the questions mentioned by enterprises about listing cost, listing path planning, equity structure design, employee performance management and so on, one by one. In the interactive exchange session, entrepreneurs put their heads together and spoke enthusiastically. The atmosphere was fantastic.

After the meeting, all participating entrepreneurs said that they had gained a lot, which clarified the direction for the next step development of their enterprises. Hunan Stock Exchange will also integrate superior resources to provide continuous tracking services for participating enterprises through various modes.

Performance Growth

Post time: Jun-30-2022