Hunan Flavor Amaze All Over The World

From November 24 to 25, a series of on-site activities of the 2022 "Taste of Hunan" at the China International Food & Catering Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "CFCE") achieved a great success. The elaborately built "Taste Hunan" food exhibition area in E2 Hall of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center has attracted the attention of many professional visitors. The launch ceremony of "Taste Hunan" walking CFCE, the live performance of 2022 "Taste Hunan" excellent achievements, the live signing of excellent products of "Taste Hunan" and other wonderful activities are coming here. The excellent results of the "Taste Hunan" food season activities and the profound and extensive Huxiang catering culture were shown from all aspects.


With the theme of "Five Entries" (i.e. promoting the achievements of "Taste Hunan" into star hotels, characteristic streets and towns, tourist routes, large-scale activities and government canteen-halls), the 2022 "Taste Hunan" food season will focus on promoting excellent Hunan cuisine brands, integrating Hunan cuisine industry resources and stimulating the consumer market. This series of activities is an important part of the "Advance large-scale Activities" of the "Five Entries" activities.

Inside the B02 gate of the E2 exhibition Hall, the food exhibition area of "Hometown of a Great Man, Vibrant Xiangtan" with bright green color is particularly conspicuous. The nearly 200 square meter exhibition area is arranged with the booths of famous chefs, famous shops, famous dishes and famous fine ingredients of "Xiangtan Taste". Posters, light boxes, graphic materials, physical display and audio and video introduction and other means of combination, intuitive display of a large number of very distinctive food scenery. Among them, Hunan Xiangtan Xiang Yu Guo Food Company features exhibition area as a representative of Hunan cuisine displayed Xiangxi grandma dishes, Laba beans, egg toufu, braised smoke bamboo shoots, chicken juice crisp bamboo shoots, various characteristics of the pepper sauce and other unique Hunan flavor. It catches all visitors’ eyes, and attracted a large number of professional audiences to taste and try to eat. The Hunan special delicious let the onlookers praise.


The "Taste of Hunan" food season is one of the important economic and trade activities in Hunan Province. In 2021, the People's Government of Hunan Province, with the theme of "Taste of Hunan", carried out food culture promotion activities throughout the province and affecting the whole country, aiming at promoting Hunan's cuisine industry, thriving urban and rural consumption, cultivating Hunan's catering, food and exhibition brands, leveraging large consumption with small tables, promoting the integration of domestic and foreign trade, the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and helping rural revitalization.

The 2022 "Taste of Hunan" food Season will continue to advance and comprehensively upgrade on the basis of last year, further integrate Hunan cuisine industry resources, activate the consumer market, and promote Hunan cuisine industry to become a strong pillar of Hunan's economic and social development, an important support point for rural revitalization, and a bright name card of Hunan culture publicity.


Post time: Nov-28-2022