Hunan Traditional Delicious Cuisine-Flavour Laba Beans

Laba Beans is one of the local traditional food in Hunan, now has hundreds of years history. Xiang Yu Guo Laba beans selects high-quality soybeans from northeastern China. It has a delicious aroma and can be preserved for a long time. It tastes fragrant and glutinous, stimulates appetite and digestion, deeply loved by our people.

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Laba beans is one of the traditional snacks in Hunan province, and customs food on Laba festival. It is made of soybeans, wild pepper and salt. It dates back centuries. People usually pickle beans after the start of winter and eat them after the eighth day of the 12th lunar month, hence comes the name "Laba beans". With a special fragrance and delicious taste, it is very popular with people. Since ancient times, it has always been made by families or small workshops, and restricted by manufacturing season, so it can not be enjoyed all year around.  With the development of technology, vacuum packaged Laba beans have been introduced. Although it still affected by the season, original tastes can be preserved for a long time after several production processes.
Laba beans is rich in nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins, functional peptides, soybean isoflavones and other physiological active substances. It is a healthy fermented food full of high nutritional value, with the effect of appetizing, digestion, and against malnutrition.
Laba beans is ready to eat, also can be made into many nutritious and delicious dishes easily.

Steamed bacon with Laba beans.
Ingredients: 1 bag Laba beans, a small piece of bacon, some chopped sring onion.

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1. Cut bacon in to slices (choose bacon with thin and fat).
2. Open the bag of Laba beans, put them in a bowl, then arrange bacon slices on top.
3. Put the bowl into the pot and steam it with big fire for about an hour, steaming the meat until fully cooked.
4. Take it out and put some chopped sring onion and enjoy.

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