Hunan Traditional Delicious Cuisine-Flavour Laba Beans

Laba Beans is one of the local traditional food in Hunan, now has hundreds of years history. Xiang Yu Guo Laba beans selects high-quality soybeans from northeastern China. It has a delicious aroma and can be preserved for a long time. It tastes fragrant and glutinous, stimulates appetite and digestion, deeply loved by our people.

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Laba beans are one of the traditional snacks in Hunan Province and also the traditional food of Laba Festival. It is made from soybeans, wild pepper and salt. It dates back centuries. People usually preserve beans after the Start of winter and eat them after Laba Festival, hence the name "Laba beans". With special fragrance and delicious taste, They are deeply loved by people. Since ancient times, most of them are made by families or small workshops, and are limited by the production season, so they cannot be enjoyed all the year round. Laba beans are rich in amino acids, vitamins, functional peptides, soybean isoflavones and other physiological active substances. It is a kind of healthy fermented food with high nutritional value, which has the effect of appetizing, helping digestion and preventing malnutrition.

Xiang Yu Guo Laba beans upgrade the traditional process, through the joint research and development with the doctoral team of Hunan University School of Food Science and technology. With vacuum packaging and upgraded product preservation technology, the original flavor can be preserved for a long time. Retaining more nutrients, and the process is more healthy, so that it can be enjoyed all year round. Xiang Yu Guo Laba beans select northeast high quality rhubarb beans as main material, with “thrice washing and thrice preserving” process. Using bottles and bags, the finished product has a delicious smell, , retain the original flavor of soybeans with sweet texture, special fragrant, and function of appetizer and digestion. Laba beans can be ready to eat, also can easily cook into a variety of dishes, side dish with porridge. It is loved by the Chinese people and the food you can’t miss
Laba beans fried with eggs
Ingredients: Laba beans, eggs,chili, garlic



1.Cut chili and garlic into segments, beat the eggs
2.Pour oil into the wok and heat up, add beaten eggs and stir-fry until done
3.Add chili, garlic, and Laba beans, fully cooked
4.Add light soy sauce and other seasoning, serve it.


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