Green food- Xiangxi Grandma Dishes, Mother’s love Taste of hometown

The raw materials are dried turnips from 3000 meters high Yunnan mountains and preserved vegetables such as dried cabbage etc. The traditional 8 production processes are optimized and upgraded to 13 processes, without adding any pigment.It’s fragrant, tastes crisp and appetizing.

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Grandma dishes is commonly seen on dinner tables of Hunan province. The raw materials are dried turnips from 3000 meters high Yunnan mountains, and preserved vegetables such as dried cabbage etc.. The traditional 8 processes are optimized and upgraded to 13 processes, without adding any pigment.  Grandma dishes cooking is simple, it can be fried with rice,  or directly mixed with noodles and rice, cooked and matched with eggs, minced meat, braised pork, bacon and many others. It tastes crisp, appetizing, Hunan people also sweetly name it "all match dishes" .


Xiang Yu Guo Grandma dishes, is jointly developed under the company and Professor Jiang Liwen of College of Food Science and Technology of Hunan Agricultural University and the postgraduate and doctoral team of food major. The core technology adopted is the new technology combining traditional process and technical improvement, which breaks the bottleneck of long-distance transportation of Grandma Dishes without freezing preservation. Xiang Yu Guo is the first producer of Grandma dishes that can be stored at room temperature in Hunan Province. Grandma dishes produced by the company has been the industry benchmark and leader. The current annual output value of the single product is 50 million yuan, and the output value is expected to exceed 150 million yuan within three years after the production capacity is expanded.

Here are twp simple but classic recipes;
Gandma dishes fried with eggs  
Ingredients: 1 bag of grandma dishes, 2 eggs, 1 millet pepper, 4 cloves of garlic, the procedure is as follows:  
1. Beat two eggs, heat up wok and oil, put eggs in, stir fry and set aside.  
2. Chop the garlic and millet pepper, prepare the grandma dishes.  
3. Pour oil into wok, a little more than usual since grandma dishes is oil-absorbing. Put in garlic and millet pepper, stir fry until fragrant 
4. Add grandma dishes and stir-fry until fragrant  
5. Put in the eggs, stir fry evenly and have a taste. Add a little light soy sauce and salt if needed.
6. After finished, fill your bowl with rice, open your stomach and eat.  

Grandma dishes fried with pork  
Ingredients: Grandma dishes, pork lean meat, chili, garlic

Cut chili and garlic into segments, pork into slices or minced
Pour oil into the wok and heat up, add pork to stir-fry
Add light soy sauce and other seasoning until cooked , serve it.

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