Egg Toufu

Our Egg Tofu is made of the whole egg, not just yolk or egg white. It has great nutrition value and high protein content. It’s chewy, tender and fragrant, clean and hygienic, and could be eaten as snacks, or cooked as dishes.

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Egg tofu is a new food made by whole egg concentrated and processed.  Its taste and value are much higher than that of traditional dried bean curd. With high content of egg protein, it tastes fresh and tender, clean and easy to carry with individually vacuum-package. It can be used as a snack or cooking dishes.


Xiang Yu Guo egg toufu is produced with 100% whole egg. Compared to the traditional egg toufu with only white and remove the yolk.  Xiang Yu Guo egg toufu taste more fragrant, more nutritious. Xiang Yu Guo uses advanced processing technology and scientific production engineering to ensure the quality of products. Xiang Yu Guo egg toufu once launched, then it is loved by customers. The products have been sold to 17 provinces in the country, overseas 12 countries, sales continue to grow and maintain the domestic leading level. It is worth you to buy and distributing.


Egg tofu in cold sauce

Ingredients: egg tofu, parsley, chopped garlic and ginger, millet pepper, chili powder, white sesame seed, Sichuan pepper, sugar, light soy sauce, oyster sauce.


1.shred egg tofu and set aside

2. add chopped garlic and ginger, millet peeper, chili powder, Sichuan pepper, white sesame seed into a bowl;then pour hot oil in two batches into the bowl to stimulate the aroma

3.add some sugar, light soy sauce, oyster sauce into the bowel and stir well

4. pour the mixed dressing over the egg tofu and add the parsley

5.stir well and serve.


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