Company Advantages

Company Strength

Hunan Xiang Yu Guo Food Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2012 in Xiangtan city, the hometown of our red culture. Started with the Hunan Cuisine, we are an agriculture products high-tech enterprise with procurement, production, research, development and sales.  We have two food production factories, and an import & export trading company, with annual output value of RMB 200 million.

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Technical Innovation

Our core product, Xiangxi grandma dishes which combines traditional technology and new improvement, has broken through the bottleneck of cold storage requisite during long-distance transportation of grandma dishes. And we are the first manufacturer in Hunan to realize the production technology of normal temperature storage of grandma dishes.

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Research and Development

Relying on the Food Science and Technology College of Hunan Agricultural University, we focus on in-depth research and development of vegetable products and innovation; And have won a number of invention patents and awards, among them are 1 national invention patent, 6 utility model patents and 2 soft copyright patents.

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