Clay Pot Pickled Green Pepper

Carefully selected high quality green peppers, combined with pickling techniques of western Hunan characteristics, our product is spicy with sour, spicy not heaty, appetizing and digestive, tender and crisp.

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Clay pot pickled pepper, as its name implies, is the pepper pickled in clay pot. It has a unique flavor as well as strong fragrance, and has gone through a hundred years of history. 

It is generally made in summer and autumn. First, clean the fresh green pepper picked from the mountain, drain the water, put it into the pot, add salt and garlic and other seasonings, cover the lid, add cold boiled water to the edge of the pot and seal it well. Keep still standing for around 30 days, clay pot pickled green pepper is completed, taste crisp and dainty.


Pickled green pepper from Xiang Yu Guo, not only retains the original sauce fragrance and the deposits of clay pot processing, but also chooses Hunan characteristic pepper from green farms. Through the combination and collision of the modern technology of deep processing of agricultural products and the ancient farming methods, Xiang Yu Guo clay pot pickled green pepper presents the characteristic of excellent color and taste of Sichuan and Hunan food.

It not only tastes fresh and crisp, but also has a certain nutritional effect. It could increase people's appetite, help digestion and absorption, regulate the stomach of a variety of probiotics, balance gastrointestinal flora. 

In China, well-known pickled pepper dishes include cold dish chicken feet with pickled pepper, and hot dish Beef with pickled pepper. Today we are going to learn about the hot dish.

Ingredients: beef, pickled pepper, salt, oil, scallion, ginger, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce.



1. Slice the beef, then marinate the beef with oil, salt, soy sauce for half an hour.
2. Prepare ginger slices, one garlic (about 15 cloves, peel off the skin), the white part of the scallion cut into sections.
3. Put the pickled pepper into a pot over low heat, add oil, salt, vinegar and sugar to the right amount ( according to your personal taste).
4. Add the ginger slices and the garlic, continue to cook in a low heat for 5 to 8 minutes, pay attention to add water to prevent cooking dry.
5. Put the beef which has been marinated into the pot, cook for about 5 minutes in a high heat. When the beef is cooked, put in the scallion sections, turn off the heat.
Notice: Pay attention to the fire, beef can not be overcooked, or the freshness will be lost.

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