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Sauerkraut was made by Chinese people through continuous life experience and exploration. It was introduced into the Korean Peninsula in Ming Dynasty.

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Sauerkraut was made by Chinese people through continuous life experience and exploration. It was introduced into the Korean Peninsula in Ming Dynasty. 

Sauerkraut is one of the three largest pickles in the world, and it is also one of the favorite food of the Chinese people. Every autumn, when cabbage, green vegetables and radish are harvested, every family will choose the right time to pickle sauerkraut for winter eating. The whole operation process requires no oil, no flour, aseptic state, sealed pickled for a month and then stew cooked food, sour and fragrant, let a person aftertaste. Since the winter temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, all kinds of mold reproduction is difficult, so the winter 1-5 degrees of room temperature is the most suitable for dipping pickled sauerkraut, and pickled sauerkraut finished form is the best;  health and safety, and it also tastes the best. While southern sauerkraut is made and eaten 24 hours later, the taste is more sour and crisp, and the most typical is Fuyuan sauerkraut. Sauerkraut in our diet can be appetizers, dishes, can also be used as seasoning to make dishes. It can be divided into northeast sauerkraut, Sichuan sauerkraut, Guizhou sauerkraut, Yunnan Fuyuan sauerkraut, German sauerkraut, etc. Different regions of the sauerkraut tastes different.


Sauerkraut has the advantages of simple preparation, delicious flavor, convenient eating and no seasonal restrictions. Sauerkraut is not only a good accompaniment, but also has a health effect. Sauerkraut is rich in dietary fiber, can improve gastrointestinal digestion; It has a large amount of vitamin C and plant enzymes, which are easy to be absorbed and used by the human body. Sauerkraut should not be eaten directly.

Sauerkraut is loved by everyone, but nowadays there are very few pickled sauerkraut at home. So how to buy sauerkraut? The following points are provided for your reference.

Quality sauerkraut natural color, leaves are pale yellow to dark yellowish brown, help is translucent white to dark yellow; High quality sauerkraut smells of natural acidity and fermentation aroma, no peculiar smell. It tastes sour, crisp and tender, and has a pure flavor. At the same time, when buying sauerkraut, we should look for packaging bags with accurate and standard labels products. And as far as possible to buy the products produced by regular enterprises with good reputation.

Here is a classic way to eat sauerkraut-Sauerkraut with Silk Noodles and Frozen tofu

Ingredients: frozen tofu, sauerkraut 350g, pork fat 150g, Longkou silk noodles, cilantro, frozen tofu 150g, scallion, Sichuan pepper, salt, ginger. 



1.Cut frozen tofu into 2cm square pieces, blanch thoroughly in boiling water, and then rinse with cool water.
2.Silk noodles soak soft with warm water, and cut into 20cm long segments.
3.Remove the sauerkraut stalk of outer layer , and slice the stalk into thin and long slices and then cut into shreds, try to cut evenly.
4.Wash and cut cilantro into small plates and set aside.
5.Put the sauerkraut into the wok with silk noodles on the top and frozen tofu underside. Add soup-stock or water to soak the vegetables.
6.Heat up the wok, add some salt, pepper, edible oil, and then add the lid, bring to a boil, then change to medium heat (induction cooker 1000W) and simmer for 20 minutes
7. Put the cilantro before serve..
Characteristics: Sour and delicious.

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